Pediatric Surge Response

MEDIC Supporting Pediatric Surge Response Across Michigan

Just as we convened our members, partners, and statewide stakeholders to discuss COVID19 issues and rapidly share potential solutions as the COVID19 pandemic unfolded, we are once again coming together, this time to address pediatric respiratory surge response. 

MEDIC is hosting a series of Virtual Town Halls to provide a forum for EDs across our state to share challenges and successes so we can learn from each other and to leave this meeting with ideas and strategies useful to your local pediatric surge response work.

MEDIC Statewide Virtual Town Halls 

11.16.2022 – Pediatric Respiratory Surge Response

Town Hall featuring emergency medicine faculty panelists from Emergency Care Specialists, Corewell Health, Hurley Medical Center, Trinity Hospital Livonia, Michigan Medicine, Chelsea Hospital and Henry Ford Hospital in Wyandotte. Each panelist shares a brief overview of the current state of operations in their ED vis-a-vis managing the surge in pediatric respiratory cases, early lessons learned, and how they are preparing for future stages of this surge as respiratory season progresses.

Downloadable PDF of 11.16.2022 Town Hall Notes